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Emergency Procedures

Distress beacons

Carriage requirements

Unless the aircraft is exempt, the pilot in command of an Australian aircraft must carry either one of the following eligible emergency locator transmitters (ELT) in the aircraft (CAR 252A (1)):

  • an approved fitted ELT, or
  • an approved portable ELT.

For the definition of an exempted aircraft, see page 5.5.

For the definition of an eligible ELT, see page 5.8.

For the definition of an approved ELT, see page 5.8.

CAR 252A (1) (above) does not apply in relation to a flight by an Australian aircraft that:

  • is wholly within a radius of 50 nm from the aerodrome reference point of the aerodrome from which the flight is to begin
    • or is incidental to, an agricultural operation, or
    • CASA has given permission for under CASR 21.197
  • is for a purpose associated with manufacture, preparation or delivery of a new aircraft or
  • is for the purpose of moving the aircraft to a place to have an approved ELT fitted to the aircraft, or to have an approved ELT that is fitted to it repaired, removed or overhauled.

In addition, CAR 252A (1) (above) does not apply in relation to a flight by an Australian aircraft if:

  • an eligible ELT is usually carried in the aircraft, has been temporarily removed for inspection, repair, modification or replacement
  • an entry has been made in the aircraft’s log book, or approved alternative maintenance record, stating
    • the ELT’s make, model and serial number
    • the date on which it was removed
    • the reason for removing it
  • a placard stating ‘ELT not installed or carried’ has been placed in the aircraft in a position where it can be seen by the aircraft’s pilot
  • not more than 90 days have passed since the ELT was removed.

Exempted aircraft

An exempted aircraft is one of the following:

  • single-seat
  • balloon
  • airship
  • glider
  • high-capacity (with a maximum seating capacity greater than 38 seats or maximum payload greater than 4200 kg), either, or
    • RPT, or
    • charter
  • turbojet-powered

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