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Recreational pilot licence

To hold a recreational pilot licence, you must be at least 16 years of age and have (CASR 61.475):

  • passed the appropriate aeronautical knowledge examination and associated aircraft category rating;
  • completed appropriate flight training;
  • passed the recreational pilot licence flight test, and
  • at least 25 hours of flight time as pilot of the appropriate aircraft, including at least:
    • 20 hours of dual flight, and
    • five hours of flight as pilot in command.

The privileges of a recreational pilot licence CASR 61.460

A recreational pilot licence authorises you to fly under VFR in private operations or flight training, as either pilot in command or co-pilot and in an aircraft that is:

  • powered by a single engine that is not rocket or turbine powered
  • not more than 1500 kg at maximum certified take-off weight
  • single pilot certified
  • carrying a maximum of one passenger.

The limitations on recreational pilot licence privileges CASR 61.465, CASR 61.470

To carry more than one passenger or to fly above 10,000 ft AMSL, either you or a person accompanying you must hold a current class 1 or 2 medical certificate (CASR 61.465).

There are four endorsements that you may undertake further training to acquire once you have obtained a recreational pilot licence (CASR 61.470, CASR 61.485– 61.500):

  • The recreational navigation endorsement allows you to fly:
    • beyond a 25 nm radius of the departure aerodrome
    • beyond the flight training area for that aerodrome;
    • along a route between the aerodrome and the flight training area
    • cross country.
  • The controlled airspace endorsement allows you to fly within controlled airspace.
  • The controlled aerodrome endorsement allows you to fly at controlled aerodromes.
  • The flight radio endorsement allows you to operate an aircraft radio.

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