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Student pilot licence

Flying as a student pilot CASR 61.112

A person who does not hold a pilot licence is authorised to pilot an aircraft if:

  • the pilot in command of the aircraft is a flight instructor and the flight is for the purpose of receiving flight training
  • the flight is for a flight test for a pilot licence, or a rating or endorsement on a pilot licence
  • the flight is approved by, and conducted under the supervision of, a flight instructor authorised by a Part 141 or 142 operator to conduct the supervision, conducted under VFR, and in accordance with the flight instructor’s approval.

The flight instructor must be either:

  • on board, or at the aerodrome from which the flight began, or
  • flying within 15 nautical miles of the aerodrome reference point, and
  • providing guidance to the person in relation to the flight, and can be contacted during the flight by radio or other electronic means.

General requirements for student pilots CASR 61.113

A student pilot is authorised to conduct a solo flight in an aircraft only if the student pilot has an aviation reference number (ARN) and is at least 15 years old.

A student pilot is not authorised to pilot an aircraft carrying passengers.

A student pilot is not authorised to pilot an aircraft other than a registered aircraft.

Solo flights – medical requirements for student pilots CASR 61.114

A student pilot is authorised to conduct the flight only if the student pilot holds:

  • a class 1 or 2 medical certificate
  • a medical exemption, or a recreational aviation medical practitioner’s certificate, and CASA’s acknowledgement of the receipt of that certificate and carries them in flight (or a copy of them).

Solo flights – recent experience requirements for student pilots CASR 61.115, CASA EX 46/18

A student pilot is authorised to conduct a solo flight in an aircraft only if:

  • they have conducted a dual instructional flight within the previous 30 days and in the same type of aircraft
  • as a result of the flight, their solo flight time since the last instructional flight would not exceed 3 hours.

However, the above paragraph does not apply to the student pilot if they are enrolled in an integrated training course.

Student pilots authorised to taxi aircraft CASR 61.116

A student pilot is authorised to taxi an aircraft if they are approved to taxi the aircraft by a flight instructor.

Identity checks CASR 61.117

CASA may, by written notice, require the student pilot to provide evidence of their identity in accordance with paragraph 6.57(1)(a) of the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005.

Production of medical certificates and identification CASR 61.118

CASA may direct a student pilot to produce any or all of the following documents for inspection:

  • the student pilot’s medical certificate or recreational aviation medical practitioner’s certificate – unless the student pilot holds a medical exemption to conduct a solo flight;
  • a document that includes a photograph of the student pilot showing the student’s full face and their head and shoulders that was issued within the previous 10 years by the government, or a government authority, of: the Commonwealth or a state or territory; or a foreign country; or a state or province (however described) of a foreign country and that has not expired or been cancelled.

The student pilot must produce the document:

  • before the student pilot’s next solo flight, or
  • seven days after the direction is given.

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