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Pilot responsibilities

Carriage of persons

Carriage of passengers in seats at which dual controls are fitted CAO 20.16.3 (11), CAR 228

In all aircraft for which the certificate of airworthiness specifies a minimum crew of one pilot, a person may occupy a seat at which fully or partially functioning dual controls are fitted. However, as the pilot, you must give adequate instruction to that person to ensure that the controls are not interfered with in flight and there is satisfactory communication available at all times between you and that person.

Unauthorised persons not to manipulate controls CAR 228

A person shall not manipulate the controls of an aircraft in flight unless the person is authorised under CASR Part 61 to pilot the aircraft.

Prohibition of carriage of passengers on certain flights CAR 249, CASR 141.295

The pilot in command of an aircraft that carries a passenger must not engage in:

  • flying training given to a student pilot
  • practice of emergency procedures in the aircraft
  • low-flying practice, or
  • testing an aircraft or its components, power plant or equipment.

Intoxicated persons not to act as pilots or to be carried on aircraft CAR 256

A person shall not, while in a state of intoxication, enter any aircraft.

A person shall not act as a member of an operating crew or be carried for that purpose if their capacity to act is in any way impaired by the consumption or use of any alcoholic liquor, drug, pharmaceutical or medicinal preparation or other substance.

A person shall not act as, or perform any duties or functions preparatory to acting as, a member of the operating crew of an aircraft if the person has, during the period of eight hours immediately preceding the departure of the aircraft consumed any alcoholic liquor.

A person who is on board an aircraft as a member of the operating crew, or as a person carried in the aircraft for the purpose of acting as a member of the operating crew, shall not consume any alcoholic liquor.

Smoking in aircraft CAR 255

A person must not smoke:

  • in a part of an aircraft in which a notice is permanently displayed indicating that smoking is prohibited at all times or without specifying a period during which smoking is prohibited, or
  • anywhere in an aircraft during take-off, landing or refuelling or during a period:
    • in which a notice is temporarily displayed indicating that smoking is prohibited or
    • which is specified in a permanently displayed notice as a period during which smoking is prohibited.

Offensive and disorderly behaviour CAR 256AA

A person in an aircraft must not behave in an offensive and disorderly manner.

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