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Documents to be carried

Documents to be carried CAR 139, CAR 233

An Australian aircraft shall, when flying in Australian airspace, carry:

  • unless CASA otherwise approves, its maintenance release and any other document approved for use as an alternative to the maintenance release
  • unless CASA otherwise approves, the licences and medical certificates of the operating crew
  • the flight manual (if any) for the aircraft, alternatively AOC holders may carry the operations manual (see CAR 139(3)(a))
  • latest editions of aeronautical, information and instructions applicable for the route or any alternative route that may be flown that is published in the AIP, or a data service provider, or by an organisation approved by CASA and which are readily accessible to the flight crew
  • bills of lading and manifests with respect to any cargo.

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New rules come into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. We are currently updating this guide to reflect the new rules. A new version will be available to download from 2 December.
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