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Circumstance Phraseology

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1 Entering an aerodrome traffic circuit (a) [Aircraft type] (position) (level) (intentions)
When ATIS information is available (b) [Aircraft type] (position) (level) INFORMATION (ATIS identification) (intentions)
(c) Join (instruction) runway (number) QNH (detail) [traffic (detail)] [track (requirements)]
2 In the circuit
(a) (Position in circuit, for example DOWNWIND/FINAL)
(b) (Position in circuit, for example DOWNWIND/FINAL) [GLIDE APPROACH, FLAPLESS APPROACH]
(c) Number (sequence number) follow (aircraft type and position) [additional instructions if required]
(d) Overfly[(circuit direction) runway (number) [(level)] [QNH (detail)] [traffic (detail)] [track (requirements)]
Nearing position at which approach must be aborted if not cleared to land (e) BASE (or crosswind)
(f) FINAL (or long final)
Abnormal operations / doubt exists
(h) Check gear down (and locked)
(i) (Readback) GEAR DOWN (and locked)
3 Approach instructions* (a) Make short approach
(b) Make long approach (or extend downwind)
(c) Report base (or final or long final)
(d) Continue approach
4 Landing (a) Cleared to land (or touch and go) (or stop and go)
Multiple runway operations, other than Class D aerodromes where aircraft are (or stop and go) operating on parallel runways using discrete frequencies (b) Runway (number) cleared to land (or touch and go) (or stop and go)
Where the aircraft cannot be sighted by ATC (c) [Runway (number)] not in sight – cleared to land
Pilot requesting option for touch and go, full stop, stop and go, or go-around (d) (Position in circuit) REQUEST (the option)
Advising the pilot of the option to touch and go, full stop, stop and go, or overshoot (e) [Runway (number)] cleared for (the option)
(f) Make full stop (reason) cleared to land
5 When landing approved and LAHSO are in use (a) (Aircraft type) departing (or landing) on crossing runway, hold short runway (number) cleared to land runway (number)
Required readback (b) HOLD SHORT RUNWAY (number) CLEARED TO LAND runway (number)
When the full length of the landing runway subsequently becomes available (c) Full runway length now available
Where an aircraft operating on a flight number callsign cannot participate in LAHSO (d) (Callsign) NEGATIVE (active and/or passive) LAHSO
6 Delaying aircraft (a) Orbit right (or left) [from present position]
7 Pilot request for low approach or pass (a) REQUEST LOW APPROACH (reasons)
To make an approach above a runway, descending to an agreed minimum level (b) Cleared low approach [runway (number)] [(altitude) restriction)] [(go-around instructions)]
To fly past the control tower or other observation point for the purpose of visual inspection by persons on the ground (c) REQUEST LOW PASS (reasons)
(d) Cleared low pass [runway (number)] [(altitude restriction)] [(go-around instructions)]
8 Missed approach (a) go around [track extended centreline (three digits) degrees (or instructions)]
To discontinue an approach (b) GOING AROUND
Multiple runway operations (c) GOING AROUND RUNWAY (number)
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