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ATS surveillance system communication and navigation


Circumstance Phraseology

Pilot transmission

1 Communications (a) [If] radar contact lost (instructions)
(b) If no transmissions received for (number) minutes (or seconds) (instructions)
(c) Reply not received (instructions)
If loss of communications is suspected (d) If you read manoeuvre instructions or squawk (code or ident)
(e) (Manoeuvre or squawk) observed, position (position of aircraft), will continue to pass instructions
2 Aircraft directional indicator failure
Notify pilot of intention to use directional indicator failure procedures (a) ATS surveillance service will continue make all turns rate one (or rate half or (number) degrees per second execute instructions immediately upon receipt
When suspected by ATC (b) Confirm heading
If heading response appears at variance with the track of the radar return (c) Suspect your compass has failed, radar service will continue using no-compass procedures, confirm familiar
Turn instructions (d) Turn left (or right) now
(e) Stop turn now

ATS surveillance system manoeuvres AIP GEN 3.4

Circumstance Phraseology

Pilot transmission

1 General manoeuvres (a) Leave (significant point) heading (three digits) [inbound] [at (time)]
(b) Continue heading (three digits)
(c) Continue present heading
(d) Fly heading (three digits)
(e) Turn left (or right) (number) degrees (or heading (three digits) [reason])






When instructing an aircraft to turn 180 ̊ or more and in order to emphasise the direction of turn





When necessary to specify a reason for a manoeuvre, the following phraseologies should be used

(f) Orbit left (or right) [reason]
(g) Climb (or descend) to (level) visual
(h) Turn left (or right) (number) degrees (or heading (three digits)) [climb (or descend) to (level)] visual
(i) Stop turn heading (three digits)
(j) Turn left (or right) – I say again – left (or right) heading (three digits) [reason]:
(i) due traffic
(ii) for spacing
(iii) for delay
(iv) for downwind (or base, or final)
2 Aircraft vectoring by ATS surveillance services (a) REQUEST VECTORS [to (or from) (aid, location or reason)]
(b) Do you want vectors?
To transfer responsibility to the pilot for navigation and terrain clearance (as applicable) on termination of vectoring (c) Resume own navigation (position of aircraft)(specific instructions)

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