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Circumstance Phraseology
KEY Pilot transmission
1 Clearances (a) REQUEST CLEARANCE
If the route and/or level issued in the initial airways clearance is not in accordance with the flight plan. (b) Cleared to
(c) Cleared to (destination) [amended route] (route clearance details) [amended level] (level)
If an airways clearance is amended en route (d) Recleared (amended clearance details) [rest of clearance unchanged] [(level)]
(e) Recleared (amended route portion) to (significant point of original route) [rest of clearance unchanged] [(level)]
Where the clearance is relayed by a third party, for example pilot/flight watch (ATC excepted) (f) (Name of unit) clears (aircraft identification)
When clearance will be issued subject to a delay (g) Remain outside class (airspace class) [and (airspace class)] airspace and standby
When clearance will be issued at a specified time or place (h) Remain outside class (airspace class) [and (airspace class)] airspace, expect clearance at (time/place)
(i) Clearance not available, remain outside class (airspace class) [and (airspace class)] airspace
When requesting a deviation from cleared route (j) REQUEST TO DEVIATE UP TO (distance) MILES LEFT (or right) OF ROUTE DUE (reason)
When requesting a deviation from cleared track (k) REQUEST TO DEVIATE UP TO (distance) MILES LEFT (or RIGHT) OF TRACK DUE (reason)
When a deviation from cleared route or track is requested (l) Deviate up to (distance) miles left (or right) of route (or track)
When clearance cannot be issued (m) Unable, traffic (direction) bound (type of aircraft) (level) estimated (or over) (significant point) at (time) callsign (callsign) advise intentions
When a weather deviation has been completed and onwards clearance is requested (n) CLEAR OF WEATHER (request (route clearance)]
When a weather deviation has been completed and the aircraft has returned to its cleared route (o) BACK ON ROUTE (or TRACK)
When subsequent restrictions/ requirements are imposed in addition to previous restrictions/requirements to be complied with. (p) Further restriction
(q) [Re]enter control area (or zone) [via (significant point)] at (level) [at (time)]
(r) Leave control area (or zone) at (level) (or climbing or descending)
(s) Leave and re-enter controlled airspace at (level) (or climbing to (level) or on (type of approach))
(t) Join (specify) at (significant point) at (level) [at (time)]
2 Indication of route and clearance limit (a) From (place) to (place)
(b) To (place) followed as necessary by:
(i) direct
(ii) via (route and/or reporting points)
(iii) via flight planned route
(c) (Level or route) not available due (reason) alternative(s) is/are (levels or routes) advise
Issuing a specific clearance limit (d) Clearance limit (places/aid)
When pilot requests, or ATC anticipates, a visual departure in lieu of a SID (e) [Clearance details] visual departure
3 When a clearance has been cancelled (a) Cancel clearance
4 Change of Flight Rules
Canceling IFR (a) CANCEL IFR
5 Requesting clearance
When notification of flight details had not been submitted to ATS (a) FLIGHT DETAILS (INBOUND or FOR (DEPARTURE or transit)]
Flight details to be passed after ATS response (b) (Aircraft type) (position) (route in controlled airspace and next estimated) (preferred level)
If clearance cannot be issued immediately (upon request) (c) Expect clearance at (time or place)
If giving warning of clearance requirement (d) EXPECT CLEARANCE REQUEST (aircraft type) VFR (if appropriate) for (destination) via (point outside controlled airspace at which clearance will be requested) estimate (estimate at destination) at (altitude proposed for entry to controlled airspace)
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New rules came into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. This website is now out of date and will be switched off in the new year. A PDF copy of the VFRG is available for download.
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