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General phrases AIP GEN 3.4

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Pilot transmission

1 Description of levels
Subsequently referred
to as ‘(level)’
(a) Flight level (number) or
(b) (Number) [feet]
2 Level instructions
When there is an expectation
that the aircraft will maintain the
level or to eliminate confusion,
the instruction ‘and maintain’
shall be included.
(a) Climb (or descend) followed as necessary by:
(i) to (level)
(ii) to and maintain (level)
(iii) to reach (level) at (or by) (time or significant point)
(iv) to (level) report leaving (or reaching or passing
or approaching) (level)
(v) at (number) feet per minute [minimum (or maximum)]
When rate is required to be in
accordance with ‘standard rate’
(vi) at standard rate
When advising expectation
of a level requirement
(b) Expect a requirement to reach (level) by (time or position)
followed as necessary by (a)
(c) Step climb (or descent) (aircraft identification) above
(or beneath) you
(d) Request level change from (name or unit) at
(time or significant point)
(e) Stop climb (or descent) at (level)
(f) Continue climb (or descent) to [and maintain] (level)
(g) Expedite climb (or descent) [until passing (level)]
(h) Expect climb (or descent) at (time or location)
Pilot requesting a change
of level
(i) REQUEST CLIMB (or descent) [at (time or location)]
[to (level)]
To require action at a specific
time or place
(j) Immediately
(k) After passing (significant point)
(l) At (time or significant point)
To require action when convenient (m) When ready (instruction)
When a pilot is unable to comply with the clearance or instruction (n) UNABLE TO COMPLY
When a descent clearance is issued in relation to the DME (or GNSS) steps (o) Descend to (level) not below DME (or GNSS) steps
When a pilot is assigned and required to maintain separation with a sighted aircraft (p) Maintain separation with (or pass behind or follow) (aircraft type or identification) [instructions or restriction]
4 Maintenance of specified levels
(a) Maintain (level) [to (significant point)] [condition]
5 Use of block levels
(a) REQUEST BLOCK LEVEL (level) to (level)
(b) CLIMB (or descend) TO AND MAINTAIN BLOCK (level) TO
(c) Maintain block (level) to (level)
(d) Cancel block clearance. Climb (or descend) to and maintain (level)
6 Specification of cruising levels (a) Cross (significant point) at (or above, or below) (level)
(b) Cross (significant point) at (time) or later (or before) at (level)
Reply to cruise climb request (c) Cruise climb not available [reason]
7 Where an aircraft operation requires random climb and descent at and below (or at and above) a specified level (a) Operation not above (or below) (level)
8 Termination of control services (a) Control service terminated [due (reason)]
9 When instructing an aircraft to turn 180° or more when tracking instructions follow (a) Turn left (or right)—I say again—left (or right)[tracking instructions]
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New rules came into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. This website is now out of date and will be switched off in the new year. A PDF copy of the VFRG is available for download.
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