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Radio telephony procedures


Introduction AIP GEN 3.4

Use of standard phrases for radio telephony (RTF) communication between aircraft and ground stations is essential to avoid misunderstanding the intent of messages and to reduce the time required for communication.

Phraseologies contained in this section are generic, and, although primarily reflecting a controlled airspace environment, pilots operating in Class G airspace should use these generic phrases unless specific Class G airspace phrases are shown.

If no phraseology is available, clear and concise plain language should be used to indicate intentions.

Language CAR 184

English language must be used for all air-ground RTF communications within Australian FIRs unless use of an alternative language has been arranged with ATS prior to any specific flight.

Symbol and parentheses conventions used AIP GEN 3.4

Words in parentheses ‘( )’ indicate that specific information, such as a level, a place, a time, etc., must be inserted to complete the phrase, or alternatively, that optional phrases may be used. Words in square parentheses ‘[ ]’ indicate optional additional words or information that may be necessary in specific instances.

The following symbols indicate phraseologies which may differ from those used in an international aviation environment, but are Australian requirements.

● Unique to Australia (ICAO Silent)

▲ Military specific phraseologies

Phraseologies show the text of message components without callsigns. They are not intended to be exhaustive, and when circumstances differ, pilots, ATS, air defence and ground personnel will be expected to use appropriate subsidiary phraseologies. These should be clear, concise and designed to avoid any possible confusion.

For convenience the phraseologies are grouped according to types of air traffic service. However, users should be familiar with, and use as necessary, phraseologies from groups other than those referring specifically to the type of air traffic service being provided. All phraseologies must be used in conjunction with callsigns (aircraft, ground vehicle, ATC or other), as appropriate.

Phraseologies for the movement of vehicles, other than tow-tractors on the manoeuvring area, are not listed separately, as the phraseology associated with the movement of aircraft is applicable. The exception is for taxi instructions, in which case the word ‘proceed’ will be substituted for the word ‘taxi’ when ATC communicates with vehicles.

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