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General phrases AIP GEN 3.4

Circumstance Phraseology

Pilot transmission

Unique to Australia (ICAO Silent)

Military specific

1 Identification of aircraft (a) Report heading [and flight level (or altitude)]
(b) For identification turn left (or right) heading (three digits)
(c) Identified [(position)]
(d) Not identified [reason] [resume (or continue) own navigation]
2 Termination of ATS surveillance services (a) Identification terminated [due to (reason)] [(instructions)] [frequency changed approved]
(b) Will shortly lose identification (appropriate instructions or information)
(c) Identification lost [reasons] [(instructions)]
3 ATS surveillance system position information
To request traffic, position and/or navigation information (a) Request followed by:
(i) ATS surveillance assistance (reason)
(ii) position by radar [with reference to (aid or location)]
(iii) traffic (or position or navigation) advisory [by surveillance]
(iv) flight following
To request ongoing SIS (v) (specific ATC surveillance services)
To terminate an ongoing SIS (b) Cancel flight following
(c) Position (distance) (direction) of (significant point) (or over or abeam (significant point))

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