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1 Speed
(a) Speed (number) knots (or mach number)
(b) Report speed or ([climb or cruise] mach number)
(c) Maintain (number) knots (or mach (number)) [or greater (or less)] [until (location)]
(d) Maintain present speed
(e) Increase (or reduce) speed to (or by) (number) knots
(f) Reduce to minimum approach speed
(g) Cross (significant point) [at (time)] [at (number) knots]
When aircraft is required to reduce speed to the minimum position in a clean configuration (h) Reduce to minimum clean speed
When aircraft speed is at pilot’s discretion (i) No [ATC] speed restrictions
When ATC speed restrictions no longer apply and the aircraft is required to resume profile speeds in accordance with procedural requirements (j) Resume normal speed
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