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Starting and initial clearance issue

Starting and initial clearance issue AIP GEN 3.4

Circumstance Phraseology

Pilot transmission

Unique to Australia (ICAO Silent)

Military specific

1 Starting procedures (a) [Aircraft location] REQUEST START
To request permission to start engines (b) [Aircraft location] REQUEST START INFORMATION (ATIS identification)
ATC response (c) Start approved
(d) Start at (time)
(e) Expect start at (time)
(f) Expect departure (time) start at own discretion
2 When clearance delivery is in operation (Flight number, if any) TO (aerodrome of first intended landing), REQUEST CLEARANCE
If runway other than runway nominated is required (b) REQUIRE RUNWAY (number)
3 To request aerodrome data for departure (a) REQUEST DEPARTURE INFORMATION
When no ATIS broadcast in available (b) Runway (number), wind (direction and speed), QNH (detail) temperature (detail) [visibility for take-off (detail (or RVR) (detail)]

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