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Prohibited, restricted and danger areas


The Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR) at CASA designates and publishes the following areas in the DAH, ERSA and AIP aeronautical charts:

  • A prohibited area (PA) is designated for reasons of military necessity to prohibit the flight of aircraft over the area. There are currently no designated prohibited areas.
  • A restricted area (RA) is designated in the interests of public safety, security or for the protection of the environment to restrict the flight of aircraft over the area to aircraft flown in  accordance with specified conditions. All permanent restricted areas are given a conditional status which indicates the likelihood of obtaining a clearance through the area. Refer to ERSA and NOTAMs for details. Examples include weapons firing, military flying, communication facilities emitting high-intensity radiated fields, explosive ordnance demolition, aerobatic displays, and police activities. Access to restricted areas must be approved by the controlling authority—refer ENR 1.4 and ERSA PRD.
  • A danger area (DA) is designated where an activity within or over the area is a potential danger to aircraft flying over the area. While no approval is required to fly through a DA, pilots are encouraged to be particularly vigilant if electing to do so. Examples include: flying training, gliding competitions, parachuting activities, mine blasting, high velocity plume rise and small arms firing.

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New rules came into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. This website is now out of date and will be switched off in the new year. A PDF copy of the VFRG is available for download.
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