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See page 2.4 for general information regarding alternate requirements for VFR operations and page 3.132 for VFR operations at night.

When operating a helicopter under VFR, and if the use of helicopter VMC is permissible at the destination, the pilot in command must provide for a suitable alternate aerodrome when either of the following conditions is forecast at the destination (AIP ENR 1.1):

  • By night:
    • cloud—more than SCT below a ceiling of 1500 ft or
    • visibility—less than 8 km.
  • By day:
    • the same as night (above) unless the helicopter VMC requirements specified in AIP ENR 1.2 (see page 4.6) are met, in which case the following meteorological conditions apply:
      • cloud—more than SCT below a ceiling of 1000 ft or
      • visibility—less than 3000 m.

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New rules come into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. We are currently updating this guide to reflect the new rules. A new version will be available to download from 2 December.
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