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Hot refuelling

Hot refuelling is generally associated with a commercial operation and requires compliance with an operations manual, and therefore will not be covered in this document except to outline its general concept below.

‘Hot refuelling’ means the refuelling of a helicopter with its engine or engines running.

Hot refuelling of a helicopter may take place with its rotor or rotors rotating.

Hot refuelling of a helicopter must not be carried out unless authorised by its operator. The operator of a helicopter who authorises hot refuelling of that helicopter must include in the operations manual:

  • the operational circumstances in which hot refuelling may take place
  • the procedures to be followed during hot refuelling
  • the requirements and instructions, if any, set out in the helicopter’s flight manual that relate to hot refuelling
  • if applicable, the instructions to ensure fuel quality as required for the purposes of CAO 20.10 sub-paragraph 7.2 (b).

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