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Class D airspace

En route

All levels flown in Class D airspace must be assigned by ATC. Except when identified, position reports are required for all aircraft in Class D airspace (AIP ENR 1.1).

Aeronautical ground lights

Aeronautical ground lights may indicate visual lanes of entry at some Class D aerodromes. If present, these lights are identified on visual terminal charts (VTCs) (AIP ENR 4.4).

Lanes of entry

Lanes of entry are established to permit passage to and from specified Class D CTR without entering an adjacent Class C or military control zone. The vertical limits provide separation from overlying control or restricted areas (AIP ENR 1.4).

Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)

If landing or taking off at an aerodrome where ATIS is provided, the pilot should obtain the ATIS before first contact on the tower frequency. On first contact, advise ATIS received, for example: ‘Received information echo’ (AIP ENR 1.1).


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New rules come into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. We are currently updating this guide to reflect the new rules. A new version will be available to download from 2 December.
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