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General flight operations

VFR flights at night CAR 174B

Except with the permission of CASA and when it is necessary for take-off or landing, the pilot in command of an aircraft must not fly the aircraft at night under VFR:

  • at a height less than 1000 ft above the highest obstacle located within 10 nm of the aircraft.

A single-engine aircraft must not be flown at night under VFR except in the following operations:

  • private operations
  • aerial work operations
  • charter operations that do not involve the carrying of passengers for hire or reward, and
  • charter operations that involve the carrying of passengers for hire or reward, if
    • the operator has CASA’s written approval for the operations, and
    • the operations are conducted in a turbine-powered aeroplane approved in writing by CASA for those operations.

Circuit training operations at night AIP ENR 1.1

Aircraft engaged in training operations at night in the circuit area must not, when below 1500 ft AGL, carry out any manoeuvres which involve:

  • the simulation of failure of an engine, or
  • flight in a simulated one engine inoperative condition, or
  • the intentional shutdown of a serviceable engine.

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New rules came into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. This website is now out of date and will be switched off in the new year. A PDF copy of the VFRG is available for download.
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