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Cancellation of sarwatch other than sartime AIP ENR 1.1

Pilots wishing to cancel SARWATCH may do so by reporting to ATS. When cancelling SARWATCH, pilots must include:

  • the aircraft radio callsign
  • place of arrival, or point from which SARWATCH services are no longer required
  • the words ‘Cancel SARWATCH
  • when communicating with a unit other than that nominated, the name of the ATS unit to which the report should be relayed.

SARWATCH may be cancelled in combination with a pilot report of changing to a CTAF, in the circuit area, or after landing.

ATS will acknowledge ‘Cancel SARWATCH’ reports with a read-back of the place of arrival, if appropriate, and the words ‘SARWATCH terminated’.

Cancellation of SARTIME

When operating on a SARTIME, the pilot must cancel SARTIME by the time nominated and, during the contact with ATS, include the words ’Cancel SARTIME’.

ATS will acknowledge ‘Cancel SARTIME’ reports with a read back of the place  of arrival, if appropriate, and the words ‘SARTIME cancelled’.

The preferred method to cancel SARTIME is via telephone to CENSAR on 1800 814 931. When telephone facilities are not available you may use  ATS frequencies.

For SARTIME flights, pilots of single VHF radio-equipped aircraft must cancel SARTIME before changing to CTAF, or after landing.

SARTIME for departure

When submitting flight notification, a pilot may nominate a SARTIME for departure for the initial departure aerodrome. Intermediate departure times can be nominated by telephone after landing, or as part of the arrival report associated with that aerodrome. Only one SARTIME can be current at any time.

The nomination of a SARTIME for departure does not absolve the pilot from complying with the requirements for the carriage of serviceable radio equipment, or from making the prescribed reports.

Pilots of other than IFR RPT flights wishing to extend the SARWATCH for the period of landing and subsequent take off, can nominate a SARTIME for departure when arriving at an aerodrome where radio or ground communication cannot reasonably be assured. SAR alerting action will be initiated if a taxiing or departure report is not received by the nominated SARTIME.

An IFR departure report is not sufficient to cancel a SARTIME for departure. Pilots who have nominated a SARTIME for departure must use the phrase Cancel SARTIME with the departure report.

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New rules come into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. We are currently updating this guide to reflect the new rules. A new version will be available to download from 2 December.
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