Pre-Flight Planning resources

Pre-Flight Planning

Pre-flight briefing and notification


Pre-flight briefing requirements

Remember that a weather forecast and NOTAMs are mandatory for flights away from the vicinity of an aerodrome (CAR 239) and, for VFR, an alternate must be provided for flights more than 50 nm from point of departure when forecast is below alternate minimum of 1500 ft ceiling and 8 km visibility (AIP ENR 1.1).

For specific flight plan track requirements at certain locations, see ERSA GEN FPR.

Internet briefings

Visit (click on Flight Briefing Service). You must be registered to obtain a user ID and password to be able to use NIS. A wide range of services are available and menu choices and online help are provided for unfamiliar users.



Call the National Help Desk on 1800 801 960 for further assistance.

You will be required to log in using your user ID and password to use the NAIPS internet service. The NIS provides the following information:

  • Specific pre-flight information briefing (SPFIB);
  • Full text NOTAM
  • Location briefing
  • Graphical area forecasts (GAFs)
  • Special MET briefing
  • General MET forecasts
  • First light/last light calculations
  • Wind/temperature Profile
  • Restricted area briefing
  • Retrieve previous SPFIB
  • Update SPFIB
  • Update AVFAX briefing
  • GPS RAIM (receiver autonomous integrity monitoring) availability
  • NAIPS charts
  • UTC time check and
  • Flight notification using:
    • Stored flight file
    • SPFIB
    • Flight notification form
    • Domestic / ICAO flight plan and
    • SARTIME.

AVFAX products and custom codes can be accessed online via the NIS or by telephone. AVFAX has other MET products necessary for use in some operations (see ERSA GEN PF).

Each AVFAX briefing contains a reference number which can be used online, quoted to the briefing office, or in-flight to obtain an update on the original briefing.

To use AVFAX:

  • Note which FIR and GAF areas cover your flight
  • Use a tone dialling telephone to access AVFAX on 1800 805 150
  • When AVFAX answers, enter your account number (to obtain an account number, pilots need to register with NIS or contact the Help Desk on 1800 801 960)
  • When prompted, enter your password followed by the # key
  • Enter the relevant Product Number
  • Follow the prompts until you hear the ‘thank you’ message.

Product Number and Prefix Group Code from are available in ERSA GEN PF 9-13.


METBRIEF is a self-help system which delivers meteorological information on the telephone, using a computer-generated voice, in response to a tone-generated telephone request.

METBRIEF T: 1800 805 150

Personal briefing

Briefing staff at the Flight Information Centre provide a flight notification acceptance service and a NOTAM, meteorological and other briefing information by telephone, or facsimile in response to requests for specific information.

Personal briefing T: 1800 805 150

By radio

Where telephone facilities are not available, FLIGHTWATCH and ATC provide an in-flight NOTAM and meteorological briefing service via air-ground communications channels to pilots unable to obtain information pre-flight, or who require an in-flight briefing update. This service only delivers information until the first point of landing where telephone facilities are available.

Weather briefings

This option is for weather briefings only.

Weather briefing Visit the Bureau of Meteorology website at

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New rules came into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. This website is now out of date and will be switched off in the new year. A PDF copy of the VFRG is available for download.
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