Pre-Flight Planning resources

Pre-Flight Planning

Pre-flight briefing and notification

Pre-flight services

The pre-flight information service offers a range of services which are supported by NAIPS (ERSA GEN PF). Information for the purposes of flight planning should be obtained through NAIPS.

NAIPS is the National Aeronautical Information Processing System. It provides briefings and flight notification functions, supports a range of pre-flight information services and has a database of NOTAM and meteorological information.

If you require personal assistance regarding pre-flight information and services, a National Help Desk is available 24 hours a day on 1800 801 960.

The service delivery options for pre-flight information and flight notification, in order of preference, are:

  1. NAIPS Internet Service (NIS)
  2. AVFAX 1800 805 150
  4. Personal briefing 1800 805 150
  5. By radio (see following pages for more information)

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New rules come into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. We are currently updating this guide to reflect the new rules. A new version will be available to download from 2 December.
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