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Pre-Flight Planning


Fuel requirements

Fuel requirement CAR 234, CAAP 234-1(2)

The fuel rules are aimed at ensuring that you always have enough fuel on board for your planned flight plus a safe margin.

The quantity of fixed fuel reserve is prescribed for different categories of flight, and you must plan to land with your fixed fuel reserves intact. If you need to use your fixed fuel reserve, you are considered to be in an emergency state.

A pilot in command must:

  1. Determine how much fuel is required for flight
  2. Establish how much fuel is on board before flight
  3. Conduct regular in-flight fuel checks
  4. Declare an emergency if you need to use your fixed fuel reserve

Fixed fuel reserves

Private operations


Night VFR

Small aeroplane

30 minutes

45 minutes


20 minutes

20 minutes

Variable fuel reserve is not mandatory for private operations.

Further detail and guidance, including requirements for IFR and charter flights, is available in CAAP 234-1(2).

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