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Pre-Flight Planning

Safety precautions


Briefing of passengers CAO 20.11 (14)

The operator of an aircraft shall ensure that all passengers are verbally briefed before each take-off on:

  • smoking, including the prohibition of smoking in toilets
  • the use and adjustment of seat belts
  • the location of emergency exits
  • the use of oxygen where applicable
  • the use of flotation devices where applicable
  • stowage of hand luggage
  • the presence on board of special survival equipment where applicable.

See CAAP 253-2(0) for a comprehensive guide to passenger safety briefings.


A typical passenger briefing on a private flight could go something like this:

‘The law requires that you refrain from smoking on the tarmac and in the terminal as well as during take-off, landing, and refuelling.

’Your seatbelts are similar to your car’s and I would ask you to keep them fastened comfortably during take-off, landing and any other time I feel it is necessary for your safety.

’The exits operate like this … and will only be opened on the ground. Please stow your hand luggage under the seat, or I can secure it in the baggage compartment.

’If you feel uncomfortable in any way, please let me know and I’ll do everything I can to improve the situation.’

Passenger briefings such as this can instil confidence in your passengers and start the flight off well.

Passengers with special needs

The operator of an aircraft shall ensure that a person with a disability, and the person assisting that person, if any, is given an individual briefing appropriate to that person’s needs in the procedures to be followed in the event of emergency evacuation of the aircraft. The briefing should include which emergency exit to use and when to move to the exit. The person giving the briefing should also enquire as to the most appropriate manner of assisting the person with a disability so as to prevent pain or injury.

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New rules come into effect from 2 December 2021 that cover the general operating and flight rules. We are currently updating this guide to reflect the new rules. A new version will be available to download from 2 December.
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