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Forced landing initial action

1Initial check

Altitude Hold
Speed Best glide speed
Mixture Rich
Carb Full hot
Fuel On
Pump on
Change tanks
Trim To best glide speed

2Field selection

Wind Determine direction
Surroundings Power lines, trees
Size and Shape In relation to wind
Surface and Slope
S(c)ivilisation Close proximity if possible


Fuel Check contents
Pump on
Primer locked
Mixture Up and down range, leave rich
Oil Temps green
Pressures green
Left then right back to both
Throttle Up and down range, then close

4Mayday call and squawk 7700

Mayday Mayday Mayday
Melbourne Centre
This is ZFR
Engine failure
3 nm West of Picton 4500 ft
Landing in paddock
Plus any other useful information such as POB

5Brief your passengers

6Final actions

Fuel Off
Mixture Closed
Mags Off
Harness Tight
Door As required
Master switch Off
Caution if flaps are electrically operated



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